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Exciting Updates for Sets in the City!


In the spirit of embracing our evolving racquet sports family, Sets in the City is expanding its horizons! We're committed to making everyone feel welcome and are transforming into a racquet sport club to include everyone.

We appreciate you—whether you're a Tennis aficionado, Pickleball enthusiast, or enjoy both sports!


Check out the updates:

  1. Our main hub for all racquet sports, uniting our diverse community will be
    SETS IN THE CITY Facebook page
    SETS IN THE CITY Website:


  2. For our tennis fans, the original Facebook group will be a dedicated Tennis group, ensuring a vibrant space for tennis-centric discussions and events. FB Tennis Group:


  3. Simultaneously, we're thrilled to introduce the new Sets in the City Pickleball Facebook group page! Join this new space for exclusive Pickleball updates and connections with fellow players. Join here:


  4. For those interested in both tennis and pickleball, you can join both group pages. Activities intended for all the entire racquet club, such as the holiday party, etc. will be announced on both pages. 

  5. New Logo! We are full of pride and thrilled to incorporate the rainbow on our new logo 🏳️‍🌈 Let us know if you like it! 


Let's continue creating unforgettable moments on and off the court together. Join the group(s) that resonate with your passion and let the racquet sports journey unite us all!

New Logo:

Tennis & Pickleball Cover.png
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  • Tennis Group
  • Pickleball Group
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